Personal Savings

Savings Accounts

  • Earn interest daily (posted to account quarterly)
  • Limited to 6 transfers and/or withdrawals monthly (service charge after 6 transfers)
  • Monthly/quarterly statements available
  • Only $2.00 monthly charge if balance falls below $200.00

Dollar Dog Savings Club

  • Great account to start teaching children how to save!
  • Eligible account holders must be under the age of 18
  • No monthly service charges
  • $25 minimum to open account

Statement Savings

  • Minimum balance fee applies
  • Account is available to protect a Checking Account against overdrafts
  • $50 minimum to open account

Health Savings Account-Learn More!

  • Retain employees, manage medical expenses
    and take advantage of tax benefits!
  • Employer contributions receive a tax deduction
  • Keeps monthly health insurance premiums lower
  • Employees carry over balances each year; additional
    retirement income if not used
  • Earns interest

Christmas Club

  • Save for the holidays all year round!
  • No service charges or fees
  • No withdrawals permitted
  • Funds available beginning of November

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Safe Deposit Boxes

3" x 5"$15.00
5" x 5"$25.00
3" x 10"$30.00
5" x 10"$40.00
7" x 10"$55.00
10" x 10"$65.00
Safe Deposit Boxes available in multiple sizes. Not all sizes are available at all locations.