10/04/2021: Proposed Reporting of Personal Bank Accounts

The new proposed bill from Washington may require financial institutions to report to the IRS, the account transactions (deposits or withdrawals) of accounts that hold more than $600.00.  This will impact both consumer’s personal accounts as well as business accounts.  To voice your opinion of this invasion of your privacy, visit this link below to […]

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05/14/2021: Mask Requirement Update

Citizens will continue to require masks to enter any of our locations. As of today only 30% of the Kansas City Metro area has been vaccinated. Until we see the vaccination rate hit 80% will we consider removing the mask mandate to enter any of our locations. Plus we have no way of knowing if […]

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04/08/2021: Welcome to Our Website

We are quickly becoming the premier community financial institution in the communities we serve by creating and delivering quality financial products and services to you at exceptional values. Our institution creates a stimulating and challenging work environment for our employees that encourages, develops and rewards excellence; we are serving our local communities with integrity and […]

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