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Citizens Federal Savings Bank has a very a rich heritage! As you read the following account of our history, you will see it is the foundation of what we believe to be the strongest regional financial institution in the country.

In the aftermath of the Civil War, settlers moved West and founded the First City of Kansas, Leavenworth. Then followed 23 years later the creation of Citizens Mutual Building & Loan Association on March 4th, 1884 on a Saturday at 8 o’clock at 626 Cherokee St where a group 16 people met to form our Association.

F.G. Markart was chosen Chairman of the meeting, and C.S. Hartough as secretary. The charter was submitted to Hon. C.W.W. Dassler for his opinion and after he pronounced it a good valid instrument, the election of the officers was proceeded with and resulted as follows: Julius S. Edwards was elected as President for one year, M.E. Everett, Vice President, C.S Hartough Secretary and F.G. Markart as Treasurer.

On April 1, 1884 H.E. Abry of Leavenworth was the recipient of our first loan. Mr. Abry was granted $1000 after he and others bid on the money. Mr. Abry’s bid was 20% with the minimum bid being 15%.

Citizens relocated to our current Downtown Leavenworth location 312 South 5th St in 1922 and that remain our main office until 1979.

In 1975 we decided to expand into Basehor and open a new location which is still open today. In 1979 we built our new main office at 5151 S 4th st and expanded again in 2006 adding the loan wing to the building.

In 1977 our name changed from Citizens Mutual Building and Loan to Citizens Mutual Savings and Loan.

Then in 1988 we changed our logo and name again to Citizens Savings and Loan Association, FSB.

In January 2020 we changed our name to Citizens Federal Savings Bank, keeping our logo from 1988.


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