Board Members

We are pleased to introduce you to the Citizens Federal Savings Bank Board of Directors.  Our board is comprised of a diversified group of experienced professionals that bring expertise and strategic vision to our short and long term goals.  Through guidance and direction, this group of board members define and shape the daily operational principles that embrace our business goals and overall mission statement.

David C. Schroeder
Board of Directors-Chairman

President & CEO Great Western Manufacturing
Kansas State University Alumni

Matt Morrow
Board of Directors

President & CEO
Citizens Federal Savings Bank

William O. Broeker Jr.
Board of Directors-Vice Chairman

Owner of Leavenworth Paper Supply
University of Kansas Alumni

Ann W. Hoins
Board of Directors

President & Creative Direction Young Sign Company

John F. Peters

Retired Bank CFO Citizens Federal Savings Bank
University of Sioux Falls (SD) Alumni

Mark Pruitt
Board of Directors

Retired Bank CFO First Federal Bank of Kansas City
University of Kansas Alumni

Robert S. Wagner
Board of Directors

Retired CPA
Washburn University Alumni